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Despite the fact that I am a native speaker of English and work in an English-speaking country, currently I am what the TESOL culture would call an “ex-pat.” This term, which I have never liked the sound of, refers to someone who lives outside of one’s native country. I live in the USA, but I am from Canada.

I never planned to become an ex-pat. In fact, I don’t really consider myself to be one. When I hear that term, I think of Westerners who abandon their homelands in exchange for exotic locales where they reside for the rest of their lives. Certainly “ex-pat” is rarely used to describe such an extreme, but I have never thought of myself as “leaving” my homeland (i.e., ex-pat) but rather as just “visiting” somewhere else. As it is, the latest visit has lasted just over 5 years this summer. (more…)


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